Fathers: The Family’s Foundation

Many children nowadays are living a life of disaster. Some teens are addicted to drugs, some have contracted with HIV, and some even committed suicide. Even if it may be hard to exactly determine the cause of why kids do these things, among the most probable reasons is irresponsible fatherhood.

In the Holy Bible, it is mentioned that the father is the foundation of the household. No matter how solid the roofs are or how beautiful the interior of a house, but if the foundation is weak, then the whole house would easily collapse. Likewise, a family whose father is weak, then if could have bad effects to everybody especially the children.

However, were you not told that the Bible shows evidence of gods existence? And while this is true, there’s always a hope to fix the life of the kids as well as the fathers.
The story of Noah and the ark can give us insights on how to be a strong foundation for our families. Read now and find out more!

Noah’s Ark

Noah was told by God to build an ark for a great flood as coming to destroy the life on earth. He informed all people but no one believed him except his family. Moving on, the heavy and long rain fell down causing the flood and Noah’s family and some animals they brought with them are the only ones who survived. So what’s Noah secret to keep his family alive? How did he become the strong foundation for his household? Check out and find out more!

1. Noah had intimate relationship with God

The best way to become a good father is when you have an intimate relationship with the Father in heaven. Many instances that fathers are clueless on things that should be done but only when establishing a strong relationship with God could clear things up as he’ll be able to hear God’s instructions just like Noah.

Noah did not just listen, he also acted

Since Noah had a relationship with God, then he can hear God’s voice and listened to the instructions. What’s more, he did not just listen but acted upon it.

3. Noah Looked Beyond the “Now”

Faith gave Noah to think about the present and the future. Because he had God, he was able to save the future of his children and the whole family.

Fatherhood is a calling. It may not be easy be its doable when you believe in the evidence of gods existence. There can be an internet site that could help you learn become a good and responsible father to your children. Additionally, this site may address some life issues that you might have right now. Search this site and be edified!

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