Skills Developed in Piano Playing

Learning to play a musical instrument influences our lives. You don’t only create beautiful music but you also develop skills, both physical and social, that will be with you for the rest of your life. Here are some of the benefits of taking piano lessons.

If you start learning the piano, you will be taught how to move your fingers at the same time in very complex actions. This is a skill that you must learn with constant practice. And it helps you easily learn other skills like touch typing much easier later in life. Most instruments will teach you how to control certain parts of your body, particularly finger movement, learning the piano demands more parts. Aside from the two hands playing, you also need to move your foot over the foot pedals. Hand-eye coordination needs to practice as well. You need to learn to read the notes while playing the music with your hands.

Studies have shown lasting effect on brain function on people who took piano lessons. Adults that have taken piano lessons to have greater neural responses compared to those that have not taken any. The perception and communication of children are sharpened with this enhanced auditory response as they grew and became adults.

Learning to play the piano gives children a heightened sense of self-esteem. The child gets a sense of accomplishment being able to learn his piano lessons. It develops a positive self-image which can help them be more successful in school and in life.

The capacity for special cognition is higher in students who learned to play the piano and they also score higher in math. Because of musical applications of concepts such as fractions and ratios, they are able to pick these concepts up quickly.

The ability to concentrate on complex tasks is another benefit of taking piano lessons. The mind works hard to read the notes that will be translated to hand movements. Music is a creative art but it is also a critical thinking skill.

People who did not grow up learning piano end up only liking popular music. Music students are opened to a wider variety of musical styles. They learn to appreciate classical, jazz, folk and other types of music.

If you take piano lessons, you have to learn to socialize. There should be effective student-teacher communication. If you need to play ensemble pieces, then you learn to work with a group of musicians. You learn to appreciate the role of other musicians in creating a successful performance.

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