It is every bride’s absolute dream to remember her wedding day for ever, also because of her dress, her hair – in short, everything that will remind her later of her own fairy tale. Many brides and their grooms go to a lot of trouble to find the best vehicle for the occasion. It is because the bride and her father want to arrive in style, in a classy vehicle – and why vintage wedding car hire is very often a great option.

Not everybody wants to arrive in either a current model, even if it is a great car, or in something unusual such as multi-coloured Kombi from the 1960’s for instance. The choice of wedding car often says something – even a lot – about one’s personality. If you are the kind of person that wants a more classic, olde worlde ambience and charm that call up images of a bygone era, you may wish to consider vintage wedding car hire as the vintage car is often the correct choice for this atmosphere.

It goes with a time that brings back images of yesteryear and is often suited to those who may be seen as a bit more traditional in style rather than modern and funky. Since these cars – generally those built between 1919 and 1930 certainly stand out above many others and are very recognizable, many people want to have one for their wedding.

These cars will certainly make a statement and choosing one will tell the guests that you have gone to trouble since they are not necessarily that easy to find. If you want a vintage wedding car for hire you may be lucky enough to know someone who owns one of these, a person who is happy for you to rent his car.

However, they are generally not easy to find and you may have to do some research to find one. These cars are always in private hands and therefore you need to know how to find the owners. Often these cars belong to people who belong to clubs where members share ideas and information about their cars.

That is one way of finding out where you can get hold of one of the owners. The other, the much easier alternative, is to do research on the internet to find a vintage wedding car for hire. There are a number of companies that are connected with owners of theses lovely old cars and they can therefore assist.

Some of these companies have a huge data base with some of the most beautiful old cars available. The good ones will not only have a great choice, but they can be trusted to be reliable and trustworthy. You can view all their cars on their website, make comparisons and choose the one you want. Often clients need two of the same cars, in which case they can browse the website and see if that is possible.

Vintage wedding car hire from companies whose business this is, makes life much easier for the client, since they know there is a good chance they will find a car or cars in mint condition: serviced, cleaned and polished, decorated with ribbons in the colour of their choice on the big day – and with an experienced chauffeur.

All the client has to do is to book the car in good time, make sure payment is in place and meet the chauffeur at a pre-arranged destination. If you deal with the right company you will have a good choice. Just think about it if you consider vintage wedding car hire – you may fancy one of these, for instance: a Regent Landaulette, a vintage Austin, a 1926 Austin Windsor, a Beauford Convertible, a Buick Limousine or a 1930 Sunbeam Limousine, for example.

These are only examples of those for hire from such companies. You just have to find the best firm to assist you. Start early – and find your perfect wedding car.

At Premier Carriage we help all bridal couples arrive in style on their most important day. Whether you choose something from a bygone era such as the 1920’s, something classy from the 1960’s or one of today’s modern options, we can help you make your day memorable – truly unforgettable. If you want something unique like a bus or old-style limousine, talk us as we can help. We have driven celebrities, the aristocracy and everybody who wants a special car on their special day for more than 20 years. You can choose from more than 600 vehicles and be assured of the best service and attention to every detail.